Bedroom redo

I don't think this has been the first post about my bedroom and my plans to change things up. Nor will it probably be the last until I figure out what I want. I've been looking and thinking for about three months now. For me when it comes to purchasing anything, that is an eternity. I really did like a gray quilt from West Elm, but it was backordered until today. I checked this morning (yes, first thing), and the date has been pushed back to the end of September. Urgh.

But, it's a good thing because I visited the websites of some other favorites and things started to come together. Above is the setup that I'm currently thinking about. Well, the picture on the left is a picture of my current bedroom. I'll be keeping the black and white throw pillows but everything else on the bed will be replaced.

Yellow quilt - Urban Outfitters $68 (backordered)
Duvet and pillow shames - CB2 $79 and $19, respectively

I'd probably be posting that this stuff was on its way, but the quilt, like the other quilt I like, is backordered. I guess it gives me more time to figure things out, because I need a quilt or coverlet the most. I really like the duvet because it looks like the doodles that take up the margins of all of my notebooks. But white....

I'll also probably be investing in a new mattress pad and pillows, which makes this whole shebang a pretty decent investment.

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