Grownup ice cream float

Megs sent me this link the other day, Cherry Lambic Ice Cream Float, and recommended I try it with the Belgian Red from New Glarus Brewery. The brewery is just down the road from where I live, and when Megs came to visit me last fall, we visited the brewery and drank Belgian Red with dinner at a couple of places. The beer is made with Door County cherries, which have changed my opinion of cherries. I've always been more partial to their Raspberry Tart, which is a little sweeter, but the post definitely recommended the cherry beer.

At Megs behest, I stopped at my cute little grocery store on the way home and bought ice cream and Belgian Red. I went with the Schoep's homemade vanilla. Doesn't compare to Bluebell, but I figured it would be a better complement to the beer than vanilla bean.

Probably wouldn't have mattered. I tried it, but I don't think I'll be combining those two again. Instead of working together to make a new flavor, the sweet ice cream just made the Belgian Red seem more tart. I ended up drinking the beer and then eating the ice cream. Don't take my word for it, though, because even the website above for the beer recommends putting it with ice cream to create a float.

I'm not giving up, though, on the thought of a beer float. I'm a big fan of root beer floats, so I'm sure there is a beer float out there that I will fall in love with. I still have ice cream in the freezer, so I just need to try a few more beers. Wisconsin is a good place to try this. And, I'm also willing to try the Belgian Red again with Bluebell, so I'll take a bottle with me the next time I travel down to Texas.

(Sorry about the picture quality. I usually try to take my pictures in the morning to take advantage of all the natural light that comes in, but I didn't think that a beer float would taste so good for breakfast. Even worse, we had a lot of rain and tornado-producing storms which made it darker than normal)

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  1. I think this weekend D and I are going to try Guinness Floats. I've had Guinness Ice Cream (TASTY!) and Shiner Ice Cream (also very Tasty!), so I think the combo would work. Maybe I'll do it as a blended float instead to really meld the flavors?