It's a girl

Here is the shower invite I put together for my cousin. Since the event is past, I figured y'all didn't need to see the details.

It is pretty simple, I know. I wanted something that could be printed on colored 8 1/2 x 11" paper, tri-folded and mailed without an envelope.

I'm also going to throw out there that I did this while packing for Las Vegas vacation and in the initial stages of a cold. Not that I don't like this, but if either of these factors would have been taken away, I think I could have done better (sorry, A).

I like the different patterns available in Adobe Illustrator. I would probably go back and pick a different pattern for the A because I don't think you can see it very well.

The party as fun. I actually got to make it because it coincided with another event that had me on an airplane back to Texas. Not that I really need much of an excuse to get down there. I wasn't great company after the event the night before, but I enjoyed seeing family and friends. I'll see y'all all in December, and I promise to be more sociable!


iPhone photo of the week

I broke down and get a new iPhone 4. It was for the camera. No really. I played with the camera on a couple of folks and in the store. It's not just the flash. Or the ease of taking those one-handed head shots. The zoom is nice. But the biggest winner was the auto-focus, followed quickly by the clarity of the display.

This picture is from my Labor Day bike ride, so it's not really from this week. I didn't mean to go for a bike ride, but when I went down to my car to head out to the gym, I decided that I should ride my bike to the gym. When I got outside, I realized that I didn't want to go to the gym but instead enjoy the cool weather with a ride outdoors.


Nature wreath

Welcome to my home!

At least that's what this wreath is supposed to say. I put it together the last time that I was having folks over to my home. It made a huge mess in my living room, but I like it.

I cut the frame out of cardboard into a rectangle using a box cutter. Sure, an Xacto or other type of blade may have been better (and safer), but I could only find my box cutter. And, it was meant to cut through cardboard. Then, I hotglued on twigs that I gathered in the country when I was house sitting. I tried to be random and yet cover the cardboard. In some corners, the twigs are laid side to side. In other areas, the twigs are layered to block out the cardboard. I think the bottom right hand corner got a bit heavy using this method, but overall, I am pleased with the outcome, especially considering I escaped without any burns.

Of course, seeing it every day for the past couple of months has made me think about it a bit more. I may have to take it back to the Table for some enhancements. I don't like how the bottom right corner has two twigs going in the same angle and making a large diagonal line. I also can see all of the hot glue (3+ glue sticks worth) shining under that light.

I've been thinking about it more because I'm having the same folks back to my house tomorrow night. There is no time to do anything between work, cooking the meal and last minute cleaning, so I have time to keep considering. I still have twigs left over, so I may add a few more and then spray paint it. I have some purple spray paint, but I think white would also look good. Spray paint would lend a less nature feel to the frame. I could also get collect some acorns and leaves to glue to it to make a fall wreath. But, then I'm limited to fall.

Tell me what you think!


Happy Birthday, Little Man!

I'm welcoming myself back into the world of craftiness today. And, what better way to warm up those muscles than with a birthday present. Or, at least the bag the present will be in. I've reused a shopping bag from Lands End Canvas (cute clothes) and made it something that my little friend will like. I almost squished the bag while cleaning up this morning. But it survived and inspired me to do this gift bag with acrylic paint. It's only painted on one side because I only have a couple of hours until the party and I was worried about it being dry. Little Man likes tractors, like another boy that I know, so I've gotten really good at drawing and painting tractors. I might have to try my hand at tractors in other media.

My return to Nifty Table also means that I will share with you the projects that I've done over the summer. Here is a short list of things to expect soon:

  • Twig wreath
  • Baby shower invite
  • Anniversary shower invite
  • Applique cardigan
  • Beaker plant
Well, it's time to head out for the birthday party! Talk to you soon.


    Another chair at the Table

    Time to pull up another chair at the table. BLady is now going to share her crafties directly. We've all sat down and discussed how, with the change of seasons, we need to change our priorities and start working on that long list of nifty things that we want to do. Plus, CaraB has left this puppy alone too long. Look for more posts in the coming weeks, months, etc.