Happy Birthday, Little Man!

I'm welcoming myself back into the world of craftiness today. And, what better way to warm up those muscles than with a birthday present. Or, at least the bag the present will be in. I've reused a shopping bag from Lands End Canvas (cute clothes) and made it something that my little friend will like. I almost squished the bag while cleaning up this morning. But it survived and inspired me to do this gift bag with acrylic paint. It's only painted on one side because I only have a couple of hours until the party and I was worried about it being dry. Little Man likes tractors, like another boy that I know, so I've gotten really good at drawing and painting tractors. I might have to try my hand at tractors in other media.

My return to Nifty Table also means that I will share with you the projects that I've done over the summer. Here is a short list of things to expect soon:

  • Twig wreath
  • Baby shower invite
  • Anniversary shower invite
  • Applique cardigan
  • Beaker plant
Well, it's time to head out for the birthday party! Talk to you soon.

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