Nature wreath

Welcome to my home!

At least that's what this wreath is supposed to say. I put it together the last time that I was having folks over to my home. It made a huge mess in my living room, but I like it.

I cut the frame out of cardboard into a rectangle using a box cutter. Sure, an Xacto or other type of blade may have been better (and safer), but I could only find my box cutter. And, it was meant to cut through cardboard. Then, I hotglued on twigs that I gathered in the country when I was house sitting. I tried to be random and yet cover the cardboard. In some corners, the twigs are laid side to side. In other areas, the twigs are layered to block out the cardboard. I think the bottom right hand corner got a bit heavy using this method, but overall, I am pleased with the outcome, especially considering I escaped without any burns.

Of course, seeing it every day for the past couple of months has made me think about it a bit more. I may have to take it back to the Table for some enhancements. I don't like how the bottom right corner has two twigs going in the same angle and making a large diagonal line. I also can see all of the hot glue (3+ glue sticks worth) shining under that light.

I've been thinking about it more because I'm having the same folks back to my house tomorrow night. There is no time to do anything between work, cooking the meal and last minute cleaning, so I have time to keep considering. I still have twigs left over, so I may add a few more and then spray paint it. I have some purple spray paint, but I think white would also look good. Spray paint would lend a less nature feel to the frame. I could also get collect some acorns and leaves to glue to it to make a fall wreath. But, then I'm limited to fall.

Tell me what you think!

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