It's a girl

Here is the shower invite I put together for my cousin. Since the event is past, I figured y'all didn't need to see the details.

It is pretty simple, I know. I wanted something that could be printed on colored 8 1/2 x 11" paper, tri-folded and mailed without an envelope.

I'm also going to throw out there that I did this while packing for Las Vegas vacation and in the initial stages of a cold. Not that I don't like this, but if either of these factors would have been taken away, I think I could have done better (sorry, A).

I like the different patterns available in Adobe Illustrator. I would probably go back and pick a different pattern for the A because I don't think you can see it very well.

The party as fun. I actually got to make it because it coincided with another event that had me on an airplane back to Texas. Not that I really need much of an excuse to get down there. I wasn't great company after the event the night before, but I enjoyed seeing family and friends. I'll see y'all all in December, and I promise to be more sociable!

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