Recovery time

Recovery I'm still working my way back to Nifty Table. Its hard to be crafty on the road and, well, that's where I've been. With all of the travel and craziness that has been my work for the past few months, I was eligible for a couple of days of 'recovery' time.

I could have spent the time cleaning my home (much needed) or catching up on a myriad of other things (including this blog). But, I spent that time with the fam (minus J) in Chicago.

The main attraction - the Wright Plus home tour in Oak Park on Saturday. We saw a lot of houses! It was like being in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I loved seeing the architecture, but also how the different home owners brought out the homes' characters or merged their own personal style with the style of the house.

Too bad we couldn't take pictures of the inside. If you're own of the home owners - your homes were all beautiful! If you are ever in Chicago whichever weekend (seems to be around the third weekend) the Wright Plus home tour is scheduled, you should buy a ticket. Actually, the tour sells out in advance, so you should buy your ticket and plan the trip, like we did. Every year, there are different homes, so I look forward to going back another year.

At the left are some of the pictures from the trip. From the Friday morning drive down to Chicago to the end of the trip over Miller Lite and nachos in Milwaukee, these are some of my favorites. Oh, and the photo effect comes from the app Camera Bag. This part is actually travel friendly - I edited the pictures on an airplane.

So, I'm hoping that the inspiration of the beautiful homes and the city views will be enough to get me back to the Table. I have a couple of ideas for new art work and projects inspired by this trip. I also bought a few things to turn into projects. Stay tuned!