Art Fair on the Square, day 2

I got to be an artist as well at the Art Fair on the Square this year. For day two of Art Fair, I volunteered in the kids tent and staked out face painting as my area. Here are two of my customers showing off their artwork. It was so much fun to paint rainbows, balloons, baseballs, basketballs, fish, flowers, hearts, and dinosaurs. I also had two special requests, a track and a space monster. Above is the tractor. It is based off a John Deere, but I didn't have any green paint. Thanks to a certain little boy back in Texas, I got used to drawing tractors, specifically John Deere tractors with bailers. So, when this little boy's mom looked at me with a bit of worry when he asked for a tractor, I assured her that I could paint a tractor.

Working in the kids tent kept me from spending more time looking at the art, but there are some more posts of the pretties that I got to see on Saturday. Unfortunately, I packed my bags and headed out of town shortly after all the fun of Art Fair ended. I'm almost home and back to real life. Keep an eye out for the rest of those artists that I liked!

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