Art Fair on the Square, day 1 (cont.)

A week later, and I'm still continuing to talk about last Saturday. There was just so much to see! This weekend has also had some events that generated post-worth comments, but I've got more on Art Fair on the Square for you right now.

Mary Gaye Miller
This artist had both 2D (hang on the wall) and 3D (stands on its own) mixed media pieces. There was one that I kept looking at while I babysit her both. It had some metal, glass and mirrors and a big number two. It also had an essay/poem about art and creativity and a bridge. It was a really wonderful looking piece.

Pistol by Ali Dryer
I had a nice chat with Ali about shoes (we were both wearing Dansksos). But, even if she wouldn't have been so nice, I would've kept coming back to her booth to look at the purses. She had different styles of cloth purses with vintage (and vintage-y) fabric and buttons and wood handles. She made all of the wood handles herself. The clutch at the left was my favorite style. The button closes a flap that wraps around the body of the purse and through the handle.

Bill Sargent Photography
There was a lot of photography at the art fair, but this was one of my favorites. I realize more and more that I like photos with people or up close pictures of objects. I'm not a big landscape photographer myself, but I can appreciate the work of others. Still, I'm drawn to the environmental portrait at the left.

'Phill Singer 
This work was on my almost bought list. I would've been on my bought list if I could've found a place in my kitchen to put it. The print was one in a series of other surrealist fruit. The artist also had different surreal wildlife works. Like the lemon at the left, the subject is so real looking that at first glance, you don't notice the surrealism. I know I've seen this artist at the Art Fair before, so I may spend some time looking for a place to put this print and just pray that he's back with a print of this work next year.

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