Welcome to the Mt. Horeb art fair. Just one week after Art Fair on the Square, and you'd think that I was art-ed out. No way! Here were more artists with different works. I liked many of the things that I saw - photography, wooden trucks, jewelry, metalwork and more. I bought a few things for me and a few gifts. Here is one of my purchases for myself - a spoon ring. I know someone who has one and I've often admired it and coveted it. Now, I have one for my own! I put it on right away.
I also purchased a work of art for my home. The booth was set up a little from the street, but the bright colors made it stand out. The artist, Gisela Magdalena Moyer, was so nice in describing the feelings that go in to her work. It was inspirational to see the wonderful work and hear how her art has helped her through dark times and still remain able to paint with vibrant colors. One of the first pieces to catch my eye was this piece. Mrs. Moyer describes the meaning and inspiration for the hand art on her website:
These works are very meaningful to me. The hand is one of the oldest symbols for the artist in history. Early man dipped his hand into clay and printed the image on the walls of caves to make this statement: "I was here, I mattered, I had a creative spirit!"
My hands are my tools because they complete what my soul conceives. The Butterfly is my symbol for spiritual lightness. Although this series is whimsical, many of my clients are touched by these works.

She told me that she was inspired by someone telling her that if you touch a butterfly's wings it will die. This work means that you should let go of things. She explained the imagery in the work and what it meant to her. The bee is there for growth, because, she says, anyone who gardens knows that you can't have a garden without bees. The flower and leaves on the fingers are each different, as each of our finger prints are different. The oak leaf represents strength, because the oak leaf is the last to leave the tree. Finally, the flower at the bottom represents inner beauty.

I found the perfect place to hang my paper hand with butterfly - right where the sun first comes in, where I can see it every morning when I wake up in the morning. Go to her website and read her story and see more of her remarkable work. 

So, even though it was hot, I had a very nice time in Mt. Horeb. I even got to meet one of the trolls!

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