Art Fair on the Square, day 1 (cont.)

There were so many artists, that if I tried to comment on all the ones that I saw and liked, I'd have enough posts to last at least a month! I didn't even make it over to Art Fair off the Square, which features WI artists - a major oversite.

I've limited my posts to the folks that really stood out (that I got to see). So, this is my last post on Art Fair on the Square, but not the end of the talented artists. If you're in Madison next year next year the first weekend of July (at least I think that's the date), you should come and check out the wonderful artists.

Sarah Jane Hassler
The first artist that I got to assist. She hardly got to leave the booth for all of the folks stopping by. Her acrylic jewelry was amazing. I really liked a pair of little hoops that were riveted similar to the bracelet at the left, but I didn't make it back over there on Saturday before it ended or Sunday after working with the kids. I hope she's back next year!

Anthony Hansen
I think my childhood is the reason that I'm drawn to metal art. This artist used a lot of automotive scrap metal to make works like the heart you see at the left. These were really big pieces and yet the design seemed very effortless. Maybe next time I'm home the guys will teach me how to use the plasma cutter!

Flinn Designs
This artist uses the proceeds from her work to help save animals that wouldn't have a home. She has a lot with dogs and cats, but I love the shape of the birds. I had the chance to speak with her a little bit more last year. I don't remember a lot of what she said about her technique, but she and her husband are doing remarkable things with their art and through their art.

Laurie Pollpeter Eskenazi Ceramics
I looked really, really hard at these ceramic hearts. This was another artist that I got to spell and spend some quality time looking at everything. The designs are made by pressing antique lace and old embroidered fabrics into the wet clay. I ran into a friend from work buying one of her bowls, but once again I didn't make it back over there for a heart. Another artist that I hope is back again next year!

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