Finally, new bedding

Well, this is the last post about new bedding. I finally made a decision, purchased the necessary pieces and put everything together. Everything is new except for the pillows, minus the paisley pillow. I'm still contemplating getting new pillows for sleeping. I got a new, fluffy mattress pad, which makes my bed so comfortable.

Quilt - Urban Outfitters
The color of this quilt reminds me a bit of the coverlet that my mom has always kept on her bed. She's changed up the pillows and other textiles over the years, but she has always had a coverlet in a seafoam/teal/green color. This quilt is very soft and has a darker teal color on the other side. If the light side is too bright for the winter months, I'll just flip it over!

Duvet cover - CB2
This looks just like something I would doodle on the sides of my notes. I was hesitant of a white duvet, but I like it a lot. When winter comes, my down comforter will live inside of this duvet and it will probably be pulled up all the way. Not sure I'm ready for that, but at least my bed will be nice and inviting.

Paisley pillow - Pier1
It's amazing how one little pillow can bring in more colors. I like the textures of the different fabrics. I know that paisley doesn't necessarily go with doodles or the damask pillows but I do love different prints.

Sheets, pillow cases, mattress pad - Target
Because my olive sheets didn't go with the new look. The mattress pad was an extra expense that doesn't really show, but it may be my favorite part of this whole new bedding look.

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  1. This makes me want to redo our bedroom, but it was such a pain the first time, I think we'll keep our bedding forever ;-)

    I am really really digging the quilt and duvet thing, maybe that will solve mine and D's issues with needing an extra (ugly) blanket on the bed.