Way back in Texas


I've escaped the pull of the black hole! So, I'm circling back around to all of the things that I've wanted to share with you over the past few weeks. Above is a quick photo story of my trip to Texas. I took pictures on my iPhone of many of the things I did over the weekend. Some events aren't fully represented because, well, I was an active participant.

I'm not going to give you a play by play of the photos, but I will tell you that the calf at the far left is named Buddy, that's my aunt and uncle in the mural next to Buddy and the pies in the picture are rhubarb and squash.

This was a nice trip to Texas, covering many of my favorite things. I enjoyed being back down there and seeing family and friends. It definitely recharged my Texas batteries, and seeing these pictures has topped off that charge. I might even wear my cowboy boots to the picnic later today.

Expect more posts over things that I've done in the past two weeks. Then, I guess I'll have to tackle new projects.

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