Spring pictures

A couple of weeks ago, I got to spend time with a friend from work and his family taking pictures in the arboretum. This friend bid on the photo session in a silent auction at our work anniversary party, and proceeds from this event went to Second Harvest Food Bank. Thank you for supporting the food bank and for letting me take pictures.

Here is one of my favorite pictures.

It took me a couple of nights to go through and edit all of the photos. It's been staying so light up here, and I prefer editing photos when it is dark, so I couldn't get started until about 9 p.m.

I realized that I need to work on taking pictures in bright light. I had several photos that were too dark because of the sunlight. But, I will say that I am thankful for digital when it comes to baby pictures. It seems most babies want to look down, so most of my pictures were of the top of his head.

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