NiftyTable, coming to you from this desk. Yep, that's my set up, and my chair is a wooden folding chair. I got the desk before I got the computer; it is a Target MDF desk with one alteration - I added the pretty knob from Anthropologie. The desk is okay -It's narrow and the perfect length to sit under the window in my bedroom but not get in the way of the bed or the closet. The espresso finish matches the bookcases and dresser, so that's good. One challenge I do have is keeping the computer away from the part of the window that opens. I've been known to forget to close that window, so I don't want to put the computer at too much risk during an afternoon rainshower.

All that being said, I've started to look for a new desk. The bones of this desk are good, but the top is not holding up to the wear. It's wearing down where I use the mouse and there are a couple of bubbled areas where I've left glasses of water. I want a small, solid wood desk that I could refinish. Since I live in an apartment, there are a couple of limiting factors: I'll have to do the sanding and painting on my balcony, so it can't be too big nor can I wait too long (don't think I'll accomplish much outside after about October); whatever work needs to be done should only require sandpaper, a paint brush and maybe a screwdriver because that's all I have; it needs to fit in about the same space as my current desk.

I've begun stalking craigslist, and there have been a couple of promising desks, but like Goldilocks, I'm looking for the one that is just right. After spending a while perusing craigslist last night, I turned my attention to cleaning out my Google Reader. And, that's where I spotted this blog post by decor8. I love all of those desk/chair combinations, especially the second from the top. So, I might up the search and head to Goodwill this weekend in hopes of finding my new desk. I've got a couple additional things to keep in mind, too, after reading this ergonomics guide from the decor8 blog.

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