Congratulations class of 2010


I'm down in Texas celebrating my cousin's graduation. Actually, a couple of cousins graduated this year - one from high school and two from college. Congratulations to all of you!

At the left is the graphic I did for the graduation party invitation. It makes me wish I'd've brought my boots along. But, it's hot down here, so I'll stick with shorts and sandals. Plus, the best part about this vacation is traveling with only one carry on and a purse. I'm a compulsive over packer in general, and when I travel for work, I have to take a computer, powercords and all kinds of other tech.

It's been great to see the family and some of my friends down in this neck of the woods. I've even missed the Texas heat!

Well, I'm off for barbecue and margaritas.

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  1. Off for BBQ, Margaritas and GIRLS NIGHT!