My Own Home Hack

One of my favorite blogs to read is Apartment Therapy.  I love seeing beautiful kitchens, unique decorating styles and MOST OF ALL, I love their Home Hacks.  When I stumbed across this awesome tree made out of yarn and push pins, I decided to put my own spin on it:

So, I ventured out to my favorite two-story JoAnn's and picked up some yarn, ran into Wal-Mart for clear pushpins, and then rushed home to start playing.  I'm not really a tree person, so I decided to try something a little more abstract and random on the bare wall behind the desk in our home office.


Here's a closeup of the colors I chose.  I was thinking of going with grey and yellow, but when I saw this pretty bright apple green, I was sold. 

This project is great for apartment dwellers like me who can't paint walls and are scared of putting big holes in the walls.  The holes left by pushpins are small and the artwork has a huge impact.

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