iPhone photo of the week

Do you carry a camera with you everywhere you go? I used to. In fact, I bought a new point-and-shoot camera a couple of years ago just for that purpose. It is small, perfect to fit in all but the tiniest of purses.

But, then I got my iPhone. Now, my little Canon, gets left at home quite often. From talking with folks, I don't think I'm alone in this. My cousin lamented that there will be a couple years of her daughter's life that are only documented in 2 megapixel iPhone photo glory, sans flash and, sometimes, a steady hand.

If the iPhone is good enough to capture my cousin's little cutie, then perhaps it can even be elevated to an art? There are a number of iPhone apps out there that can do some pretty neat things with a photo.

And, so is born a new feature for the table - the iPhone photo of the week. I'll take up the challenge to take some beautiful or quirky or just interesting photos with the iPhone camera.

Week 1
Week 1
Foggy bit of country

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