Living Room

So, I can't even make it one week in before I miss a day. This has been a lazy weekend, involving lots of computer time, a book, and my couch. In my defense, this is the first lazy weekend I've had in over a month. I know, I know, how hard is it to write a blog post. I did do something yesterday worth blogging about. I am going to tell y'all about it some time this week in a make up post.

I spent my computer time split between playing Sims and catching up on my blog reading. Looking at other blogs is inspiring, and I wrote down (or copied to Evernote) some projects I'll do in the future. Still, it wasn't enough to get me up and moving. But, I made some new pins on Pinterest and tagged some photos on Houzz. And, I made a dream mid-century/modern/eclectic living room on Polyvore. Some of the pieces I already have, including the art above the couch (more on that to come this week).
Living Room

I like the neutral couch and lamps with the bright colored art work and rug. The tripod lamp is the closest I could find to one I (sort of) have. And, I wouldn't be crazy plant lady without a couple of plants. The jade plant in the round planter isn't as cute as the one I have in the same pot.

My current living room is nice and cozy, but doesn't really look like this. I'll just have to move to a new place so that I can start decorating again on a clean palette.

Corcovado Rug, $798
Petrie Sofa in Sofas | Crate&Barrel, $1,699
Ikea Ikea Stockholm, $199
CB2 - acrylic drink table, $179
Midcentury modern lamp
Monochromatic Lamp, $130
20x200 - Print Information | Birch Forest No. 7, by Lisa Congdon, $20

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