My work ate my blog

The saying goes that it takes three times doing something to make it a habit. So, doing something every day for 30 days should stick, right? I hope so. Because, I'm promising right now to post something every day for the month of November. This is to make up for the neglect I've given NiftyTable and anyone who may have read the blog over the past few months. It is also to help me get back into the swing of things.

So, the teacher asked, why did you turn in your homework (a.k.a. your blog) ? Well, my work ate my blog.

Okay, that's an exageration. My work is not carnivorous, whatever I may think some days. But, I have found myself out on the road, or rather in the air, a lot more this past year. During that time, I have struggled to maintain any kind of hobby. I did momentarily nominate sleeping as a hobby, but realized that you shouldn't count something that is otherwise done to sustain life.

I started to come to the realization that I didn't have much of a life outside of work over the summer. Actually, it happened when my travel schedule was just a little bit clearer. It's taken this long to get to the point that I think I can commit to blogging regularly and, of course, doing interesting things outside of work that are worth blogging.

So, expect to see some catch up from the summer because I did more than just sleep. Christmas is right around the corner, and I'm signed up for the Freshly Blended 6th Annual Ornament Swap at Alisa Bobzien Design. And, I'm looking for something crafty/creative/pretty/relaxing/fun to do when I am on the road.

Whew.....one day down, 29 to go! See you tomorrow!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing more from you!