Normal Sunday Night

What is a normal Sunday night for me? Laundry, something on Netflix, a light dinner, and packing for the next week. It doesn't involve posting here on my blog, as is evident by the 10 1/2 month gap between this and my last post. Oops.

Truthfully, I thought it had been longer since my post. But, it's time to dust off this volume and turn to a blank page and begin writing again. I could go back and write about everything that's happened since I last blogged - the travels, the three month sinus infection, the (lack of) craft projects - but I prefer to look forward....to my trip-of-a-lifetime coming up starting in two weeks.

So, in addition to packing my suitcase to head south for the week, I also have clothes spread out across my bedroom to start whittling down to the necessities for my month in Italy. That includes the seven pairs of shoes I have lined up at the foot of my bed (one is a pair of flip flops). Wow. I have my work cut out for me. I'm gonna head back to that and leave this blog alone again after just one lousy post. But, I promise more in the coming days/weeks. Including a conclusion as to how many shoes make the cut.

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