Ready to go

As most of you are checking out my blog to see what I'm up to on my sabbatical, I thought I'd start by telling you about getting prepared.

This trip has really been in the planning for 5 years. Up until about 6 months ago, it was a fun day dream to think of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see and do. Then, as it got closer, it became a bit more stressful. The low point may have been when a friend pointed out that I had less than 90 days before my trip and I hadn't bought plane tickets (queue thoughts of project manager creating spreadsheets for sabbatical readiness assessment).

But, now my bag is packed (that's right, one suitcase) and I'm fixing to leave for the airport.

Below are the books (and movie) that I read to prepare for the trip. A biography, a memoir, and a travel book....not you're normal reading list, I know. I'll let you know if I am adequately prepared by my research after I get there!

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  1. Hope your first week on sabbatical was fantastic, Caroline! Came on here to check in on what you've been up to, but I don't see anything on Italy yet :) Hopefully soon. Safe and happy travels!