Senior pictures

This is my cousin - isn't she cute? She is graduating from high school one month from today. I took these pictures back during my vacation at Christmas. It was so cold and windy, but you can only tell looking at her by the red nose. There were a couple of pictures with red fingers, too.

I'm so glad that I got to take these senior pictures. I took her brother's senior pictures, too, back before I moved to WI. It did take a bit of planning and standing out on a cold December day to get the pictures, but it was worth it.

To W - have a great last month of high school. Enjoy your summer, and good luck with everything. Love you and see you in a month!

Whitney (238)

Whitney (234)

Whitney (165)

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  1. Yes, she is cute! And you forgot to mention she's going to a great school! Wreck 'em Tech!