Happy Mother's Day!

I love you BLady! Thank you for all the support, advice and love that you've given me to get me to where I am today. I'm a little sad that the place is WI so I can't see you today.

Mothers day

In the card I sent you, I admitted that you were right all these years - fixing your bed just makes your day better. Here are some other things that I've learned from you:
  • It is nicer to come home to a clean house after a vacation
  • How to sew
  • 'Dry clean only' is often just a suggestion
  • How to hold a spoon 'like you mean it' when cooking
  • To read all the instructions on a recipe before just dumping ingredients into the mixer (sorry about the old mixer, but you got a Kitchenaid out of it)
Okay, so that's just a short list of everything that you've taught me. For everything I've listed above and all the things that I haven't, thank you.

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