New bedroom

I have had the same duvet since I graduated from college. It's from Ikea, and I love it, even with the bleach spots.

My headboard is really three hollow-core doors that I painted pink before applying a crinkle paint technique. The pink is a funny story - little Bro worked at Ace Hardware and brought me some returned paint. It took a little doctoring with other leftover paint, but I ended up with my doors. Previously, they served as a room divider. Now, my apartment is too small to need a divider.

I'm realizing now that my bed set is really a story in itself. The throw pillows matched my living room curtains until one stormy night when the rain came in and I washed the curtains, which faded a bit. BLady made the pillows and the curtains for me from $1/yard fabric from Walmart. I bought all the fabric they had in this print without any plans to make anything. It's nice how these things work out.

My bed is handmade as well. My parents made it for me before I moved to my college apartment. It is a platform bed based on an Ikea model. But, I'm pretty sure mine is a lot more sturdy because it's made with lumber and steel, and much more precious to me for all the hard work.

Now that I've given you the history of where I sleep every night, I'm going to add that I'm ready to change it up. The bleach spots bother me a bit sometimes and my coverlet is starting to get holes in it (the ravages of sunlight and time?).

I spotted this quilt over the weekend while shopping with BLady and Megs:

Then, today when I was catching up on blogs on Google Reader, I spotted this:

If I go with the gray quilt, I'll still need a duvet cover for my down comforter. I can't survive with that during the long WI winter. But, I'll probably make one myself, especially with these easy instructions at Craftzine.

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