an you believe that I got to hear Jessica Hische speak, and I didn't even know that I have been following her work for a couple of years before I got there? I feel a bit of a failure for that. The whole time, I was thinking, "That looks familiar" and "I like that", but when she showed the C at the left, which I love, I knew that she was the genius behind Daily Drop Cap. This site is one of the beautiful gems that lives in my Google Reader.

Jessica came to Madison for a speaking event hosted by Design Madison. My friend from work is a member of the group. She shares with me a love of pretty things and design. While I dabbled in graphic design for fun and for the magazine I worked for, she studied and worked in industrial design.

Listening to Jessica's story and seeing her work, as well as talking to the folks who came to the event, made me want to come home and do something creative. And yet, it's taken me 36 hours to write the post to tell you of the wonderful time that I had. I'll make up for it this weekend. I already have plans to work on a couple of TS projects, but you'll get to see them soon enough.

Keep checking out Daily Drop Cap for updates. Jessica showed us the letter she did in honor of her trip to WI, so it should be posted soon!

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