Applique cardigan a la Anthropologie

This cardigan cost me $3 at Target, and the fabric was something that BLady was gonna get rid of last February. The fabric as a whole is a bit intense, but cut down into separate motifs, the individual flowers are quite pretty.

I don't know if this actually looks like something that Anthropologie would sell, but I did see some tees in there this summer that were just pieces of fabric appliqued onto the neck. The edges weren't finished, which made me think that I could do this project.

After sitting in pieces for a couple of weeks, it only took me one evening to put this together.

I cut out the different motifs that I liked and then ironed them onto some sheets of Underwunder.  Then, I laid them out on the cardigan and ironed them on. Finally, I sewed them onto the cardigan to make sure that they didn't end up coming off in the wash. I sort of haphazardly sewed them on. I followed the edges some and also sewed down the middle of some of the bigger pieces. I'm hoping that what it lacks in finesse, it makes up for by being eclectic.

Tell me what you think! Would you wear this?

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