Warm weather clothes

This weekend, I'm planning to go into my storage unit and haul out a couple of big rubbermaid containers. These boxes contain most of my warm weather wardrobe, which has been banished since mid September. Now, it's time to put away the sweaters although the freak snow storm last night made me think that I should keep out at least a sweatshirt.

Pulling out those boxes is going to take a lot of energy, which I still don't have a ton of, so I'm saving it for Saturday morning after a good sleep. Also, I need to sift through the rest of the junk in storage for things to put in the church rummage sale.

So, since I can't wear my warm weather clothes because they're in storage and it's two cold, I decide that I should go shopping for more! Shopping online is fun, because you can see everything that you're thinking of spread out. I prefer shopping at sites that have brick and mortar stores where I can return the purchases if something doesn't fit.

I came across this fun tool at one of my favorite sites - Boden. Okay, I haven't actually bought anything from there but I love all of their clothes and one day I will. Especially, when I can see how the whole outfit will come together with their outfit maker.

For cross-site dressing, I still prefer Polyvore. Here is what I wish I could wear to work tomorrow. Oh, if only spring would get to WI!
PortA and summer clothes


  1. 1) You didn't include a link for the shoes! Are those some of the ones you ordered?

    2) You said Cross-Dressing...tehehe

    3) CUTE!

  2. I really like that bag. Do I need a new bag? I think I need a new bag.