Laptop Bags

Several folks that I know, including Megs, have purchased laptops recently and need new bags. They've each asked me about what I use, what I like, how it travels, and where to find good bags. One friend was more interested in the backpack style that I use for work, so I expounded on the benefits of having a bag with a couple of compartments and space to shove my purse in if the TSA folks strictly enforce the two carry on rule (I do make sure that all my bags will fit inside just two carry ons so that I am always compliant, even if I don't appear that way). 

Megs wanted something a little more fun. I also have an every day tote bag for carrying my laptop, notebook, pens, water bottle and whatever detritus is floating around the bottom. For this, I use a purple seatbelt bag from Harvey's. I figure, what could be more indestructible than a seatbelt. And, in fact, it has survived two years of daily use and even a few plane trips looking remarkably like new. 

Still, I couldn't help but start my own search for a new bag, just in case my current bag were to bite the dust. Since that isn't going to happen soon, I would definitely look first at a Harvey seatbelt bag in the future.

From left, Vinyl laptop bag, American ApparelUrban Junket-t.o.t.e Laptop bag;  Seatbelt bag, Harvey's; eBags Savvy laptop tote, Walmart;  Icon charm laptop tote bag, Target;  Orla Kiely Buzy Lizzie laptop bag, Muse Ten; Bueno Chevron Computer bag, Target

Or, I could get really crafty and make my own. I have a ton of plastic bags, so I may have to try this project to make a backup for the days when I'm not feeling the purple bag. How to - fuse plastic bags into a laptop case 

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  1. Well...I still haven't decided on a laptop bag. Huz says I don't need one b/c the only time I'll be taking my computer out of the house is when we go to the farm...what a buzzkill!!