Well, hello again

Long time, no post, right? Well, I found that my job just didn't balance with a life that involved doing just about anything creative, much less writing about it. But, now, I'm moving on in my life and moving home to Texas. Which brings me to sitting in a coffee shop in for a few minutes this pleasant Friday afternoon sharing a picture of one of the valentines I made for a friend.

The card was a quick and easy reintroduction to a creative life, that I hope will continue to grow. And, this blog post is my reintroduction to you and writing about the creative things I'm up to (as well as some of the more mundane items of life). Expect a few posts about leaving Madison, the tasks of moving, and getting settled back into small town life as I make this transition. If someone is actually been checking in on this blog regularly looking for a post, her you go and I promise many more. I hope that you will be joined by scores of fellow followers in the weeks and months to come.

Happy Friday!

Location:N Grimes St,Giddings, TX United States

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